Doggy Facebook

We have email and Facebook posts. Dogs have pmail and fence posts.

As the dog and I walk our daily route she stops to sniff what seems like every pillar and post. One day it hit me, this is her Facebook.

Our neighborhood has quite a number of dogs and most go for their evening walks on the path along the cliffs. Our strolling down the path is her scrolling through the newsfeed.

There are certain spots she stops to sniff and “comment” on everyday. I imagine those as the long Facebook threads where everyone is jumping into the conversation and some people are bantering back and forth.

I used to be more rushed about our walks. There was an undertone of it being a “to get done” item. Pulling her away from sniffing that spot yet again. Now I let her sniff and comment away.

It’s been good for me too. While she’s busy sniffing the Fencebook posts I’m “stopping to smell the flowers”. Paying more attention to and being with the beauty of  where we are.