On Accepting Help

When you give and give and give you are really taking.  When you are constantly giving you leave no room for the other person to contribute it creates an unbalanced relationship.  You deny them the opportunity to experience one of the 6 basic human needs – significance.

People want to contribute. A balanced give and take builds community. Think about how good it feels when your offer for help is graciously accepted.  What if asking for and accepting assistance was actually the greatest act of giving?

I used to be a give, give giver.  Then I hit a point in my life where I had to ask for help to survive.  I was surprised when one of my friends shared with me how happy he was to be able to give to me for a change.  “I’ve always wanted to give something back, but you’ve always been so strong.  I felt like I had nothing you needed.”  Needing support and assistance from friends deepened our bonds, strengthened our community.  Suddenly we went from people who know each other to a “village.”

I often get teary eyed with love and gratitude for my village.  Whenever I dare to take a risk I never feel like I’m doing it alone.

photo: flickr