Raccoon Trap

I haven’t tested this on real raccoons so I don’t know how accurate it really is.

They say that to catch a raccoon all you have to do is put a shiny object in hole in a log. Make the hole big enough that the coon can get his open hand in and out easily but small enough that if he makes a fist he will be stuck.The story goes that even though the critter could at any moment choose to let go of the bit of bling and be free they get stuck in a mindset of clinging to the coveted object and the thought of letting go doesn’t even enter their minds.

They just sit there waiting to be turned into a hat.

Are you creating a raccoon trap for yourself?

Hint: If you are waiting for something from someone else — an apology, forgiveness, redemption, an answer, (insert your shiny object here) you’re probably in a raccoon trap.

If you can dare to let go of that shiny object things like ease, peace and joy flood in.

Racoon photo: Flickr – Jean


racoon trap