Nature Adores a Vacuum — Or How to stop turning your new dreams into another layer of disappointment in your life.

“Nature abhors a vacuum”is a poetic way of saying that where there is an empty space something will fill it.  What if instead nature adores a vacuum because a vacuum creates the opportunity for growth, advancement and development?

It is true as soon as there is an empty space something will fill it. Conversely when that space is already full nothing new can come in. There is no movement. There is stagnation.

The biggest mistake most people make in trying to bring change or something new into their lives is they don’t first clear out the old.

dreams become disapointments

In order to create something new in your life you have to make room for it by ruthlessly clearing out the old. If you are trying to bring something specific into your life, say relationship or money look for clutter specific to this area.

Clearing Your Physical Space

Get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need, use and love. Get rid of anything with attachments to the old that is not serving you.

One of the most fun ways is the 100 Item Game. As you go through your day interacting with your stuff look for 100 items you can get rid of. As you come across things ask

  1. Do I love it?
  2. Do I use it?
  3. Is it a souvenir from something in my past that I need to get over?
  4. If this was my dream house and life would this item be here?

Clearing Your Mental Space

Clearing out the physical space naturally starts to open up the mental space. Now let’s take it a step further and really clear out all that mental clutter. Make a list of all the open loops in your life. That account that needs to be opened, that account that needs to be closed, that thing that needs to be handled with that person — either by addressing it your by your decision to let it go.

Not sure what should be on that list? Write down the things that worry you as you fall asleep or that you find yourself procrastinating on and avoiding.

Now set a deadline to get all those things completed. It helps to pick a date that means something – before you start a new job or contract, before a move, by your next birthday, by New Year’s.

Worry about those undone things takes up a huge amount of your brain’s RAM. Take a deep breath and step by step get it done. As you do your brain will now have the bandwidth to solve the puzzle of how to make your vision for what you want in life.