Incompatible States

Red and blue are primary colors. They are incompatible states. So are love and hurt. Love does not hurt. If it hurts it’s not love. Period. People who love us can end up hurting us. Sometimes our emotional luggage smashes into other people’s shins. Welcome to the human experience. But I watch too many people […]

Small Gods and One God

Who creates whom? Do gods create us or do we hold their existence in the palm of our hand with our belief? Today the idea of the Greek and Egyptian Pantheons of gods seems quaint and naive. In it’s time, Judaism’s idea of one god was radical. This idea had been put forth by an […]

Trust Again — It’s Like a Coin Toss

“I’m just a wounded mess of a man who doesn’t trust women.” This quote came from a man I was dating as he confessed he was always expecting every woman to repeat the pattern he experienced with his ex. What if with each new relationship the probability slate is wiped clean again? Talking with a […]

Doggy Facebook

We have email and Facebook posts. Dogs have pmail and fence posts. As the dog and I walk our daily route she stops to sniff what seems like every pillar and post. One day it hit me, this is her Facebook. Our neighborhood has quite a number of dogs and most go for their evening […]

Raccoon Trap

I haven’t tested this on real raccoons so I don’t know how accurate it really is. They say that to catch a raccoon all you have to do is put a shiny object in hole in a log. Make the hole big enough that the coon can get his open hand in and out easily […]

Change Your Password and Change Your Life

You type your password how many times a day? You’re doing it anyway. Here’s a way to make it work double time for you. For years I’ve done a version of this. But this guy got it right. Mauricio Estrella used his computer password as a tool to create change in his life. In summary every […]

Sir Richard Branson: Challenge Accepted

The Idea: At one point when everything was looking really sketch Nat asked, “Whose idea was this anyway?” Mine. Though at that moment I was kinda regretting it… I’d seen the picture of Branson with the naked chick before, but one day it it hit me. Mike & I need to do the reverse! I […]

On Accepting Help

When you give and give and give you are really taking.  When you are constantly giving you leave no room for the other person to contribute it creates an unbalanced relationship.  You deny them the opportunity to experience one of the 6 basic human needs – significance. People want to contribute. A balanced give and […]