Road Trip Day 12: I’m on a boat!

Ferry regulars are over the whole sundeck thing – especially on a chilly, cloudy day like today. I had the bow mostly to myself for a Titanic  “I’m queen of the world!” moment. True, it’s only a workhorse ferry crossing. But exhilaration can happen anywhere. The water is rushing beneath the deck and the wind […]

Road Trip Day 2: Crater Lake – Serenity & Vigor

I arrived too late for the Crater Lake snow experience and too early for the Crater Lake summer experience, but my experience was juuust right. There is still double overhead snow at the lake. The gift shop with absurdly over priced future landfill emblazoned with “Crater Lake” is of course open. As is the, packed […]

Nerdtastic Road Trip

Lord help me, I’ve become the digital age version of my mother. When we went on trips as kids mom had The Envelope. This was the life line of the trip. Above all else the envelope was to be protected. And no one besides mom was to touch it. What looked to the untrained eye like random […]