Road Trip Day 12: I’m on a boat!

Ferry regulars are over the whole sundeck thing – especially on a chilly, cloudy day like today. I had the bow mostly to myself for a Titanic  “I’m queen of the world!” moment. True, it’s only a workhorse ferry crossing. But exhilaration can happen anywhere. The water is rushing beneath the deck and the wind is whipping my hair. And the chances of a frigid watery death are significantly less.

Meditation can happen anywhere. Standing in the whipping wind on the bow of a a boat plunging towards a new horizon is a fun one.

BC Ferries have thought of pretty much everything. There are workstations – carrel desks with power outlets,  an over priced gift shop, over priced greasy food, wifi and probably the smartest amenity of all – a kid containment center. Walking by you can see the kids bouncing around tired looking parents collapsed in the seats lining the room, but none of their gleeful noise escapes. The small humans looked like they were having a blast in their floating mosh pit and their parents didn’t have to spend the whole trip apologizing for their kids being kids.

Whoops! At the end of the ride I was in what I thought was a line back to Deck 5, Stair 3 which was what I walked up from my car. It turns out I was in the pedestrian passenger line. It seemed to be taking a while so I asked the friendly old men behind me if this was the way to Stair 3. They told me this was the walkers line and that I was supposed to be below deck with my car by now.

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to find my way through the labyrinth of the lower deck back to my car. Fortunately I was one of very last cars on. I made it back a few minutes before we moved. Just enough adventure to keep it interesting and to keep me out of trouble with the ferry crew. As nice as Canadians are I’m sure they wouldn’t have much patience with a clueless American holding up loading the next trip.