Kitesurfing Waddell in Heels

And they said it couldn’t be done. I fully kited in heels. Not cheater kiting in heels where the shoes are bolted to the board. Straight up heels on strapless surfboard.

I made full turn and rode in toeside.

It was also the freakin’ coldest day of the year! I would have stayed out longer for better shots but teeth rattling shivering was already setting in.

Lens: Greg Gilholm Р Shameless plug for a talented friend. If you need stock photos of Santa Cruz, or beach/ocean photos check out his work. He also does great drone footage for real estate other ariel landscape video needs.Lydia Snider Kitesurfing Waddell in heels Lydia Snider Kitesurfing Waddell in Heels Toeside Lydia Snider Waddell Heels